Just another Newbie to flight rising from the October 2014 registration window. I'll be chronicling the wild ride from here.


"Go away fifth egg, we don’t want you! You are not allowed to come this side of the tree block."
"But guuuuys…"

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egg so hot

hot hot egg

egg so hot

u fry a leg

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I’ve been in the coli a lot lately, and while I’ve been selling a bunch of familiars, I also saved these sets of familiars to give away to followers!

Nine prizes total, ranging in value from 7200t to 45000t by lowest current AH value. Total prize value = 148kt.


  • reblog with your FR username and #
  • reblog as many times as you want, but only one time will count
  • followers only please! new followers are very welcome
  • reblog before rollover on tuesday night, october 21st
  • 9 winners will be chosen, and receive their prize in the order they’re drawn

That’s all, I love you, have fun winning things!

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I’m back and want to clear out my lair and hoard give back to the community, so I’m hosting a giveaway! One lucky winner will receive all you see above:

  • Apparel: Sunguard Chest, Illuminated Sash, Sky Blue Arm Silks, Golden Tail Bangle, Erroded Crystalhide, Naturalist Adornments, Thresher Flatfins, Gold Steampunk Wings, Runebead Necklace, Electrified Sash, Lemongrass Feathered Wings, Veteran’s Shoulder Scars
  • Familiars: Sprangyroo, Sunbeam Ursa, Nature Sprite, Water Sprite, Silver Ferret
  • Chests: FracturedLight Chest, Sunspot Crate, 2 Iron Chests, 3 Rusted Chests, 10,000 treasure and 50 gems
  • Dragons: Any two dragons in my lair past Stratford


  • You DO NOT have to be following me
  • Open to people who joined during the last registration ONLY
  • Reblog with your FR username and ID# and the breed of your custom progen
  • Ends October 22nd at 23:59 ST

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Enter to win an unhatched Shadow egg and a Faded Shadowbinder Effigy!

Reblog with your username and ID # by rollover tomorrow (Oct. 21)

You don’t have to be following me to win!

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OK so I hit 200 back around the last registration period! I waited a bit A) because of work and business and B) because I wanted to be sure it was going to stay at 200, with a few to spare.

THANK YOU GUYS, SO MUCH! I know sometimes it feels like I’m just throwing posts out into the dark but apparently 200+ people don’t think I’m that lame. I really appreciate it, actually.

Without further ado, the rules:

1) Reblog with your username and ID #. Standard. Please only reblog once! Likes do not count.

2) List what packs you want and in what order. There are no ‘places’; if you’re not interested in a pack, you don’t have to list it. If I draw your name and there are no more packs you want available, I’m really sorry :(.

3) AA - Advice or Accolades: My lair is here. Feel free to take a look and either give me advice - perhaps a better outfit or gene or something that’s missing - or accolades, if there’s any dragon or outfit you like! This isn’t strictly necessary, but I figure, it’s my party, eh?

4) Giveaway ends Sunday, October 26th. Probably midafternoon, it depends on when I’m free. I may not get the winners out at that point but it will be within the next day or so, unless work eats me. Please don’t reblog after this. I have a long memory.

5) You do not have to be following me, but I am 99% FR content, the exceptions being when I mistakenly reblog cats or video game pictures.

Winners will be drawn by Random.org, good luck!

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1, 4, or 3

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Did anyone else start this game all “exalting? No, I could never! My babies! They are all precious and I love every one, I’m keeping all of them" but now you hatch a nest and you’re just like


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I need all the help

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"The movements of these celestial bodies have never before been recorded. I must stay to—"


There was a thread in the Arcane Forums discussing the fact that the Windsinger has apparently been hanging out in the Observatory with the Arcanist for quite some time now. I can’t help but believe he’s undertaken some more nefarious activities. Like, you know. Making our deity leave his room sometimes.

Ack, this was just supposed to be practice to break in the new tablet, I spent way more time on this than I meant to. 

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Reblog or like if you’re in the Ice flight!


Arcane // Earth // Fire // Ice // Light // Lightning

Nature // Plague // Shadow // Water // Wind

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